Strength For Life

What is Strength for Life?

Strength for Life is an individualized strength and balance exercise program designed to help people aged 50+ to get fit, stay strong and improve their balance. The program is delivered by specially trained exercise physiologists, physiotherapists and fitness professionals in a range of locations and settings. Your accredited instructor will develop a tailored exercise plan, just for you. You can then work towards your goals with like-minded people in a fun and friendly group setting, with support and encouragement to become stronger and fitter. Staying fit and active will improve your: 
• balance 
• cardiovascular fitness 
• muscle strength 
• well being 

Tailored exercise plans will help manage chronic conditions, build confidence and allow you to be part of a community of like minded people.

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Strength for Life Enrolment form:

Strength for Life Referral Form form: 

COTA Strength For Life Participants Brochure:

Current Group Fitness Timetable:

How to get started Expand all

STEP 1 - Enrollment and Pre- exercise form.

Each new participant will need to complete a COTA Strength for Life Enrollment Form and a Pre-exercise Screening form. (Download available in Quick links or collect from reception).

STEP 2 - Complete Forms

While completing the Pre-exercise form if you answered YES to one or more of the questions, you will need to provide a Medical Clearance from your GP or Medical referral form from your Excersice professional - Physio or Excersise Physiologst. 
(Download available in Quick links or from reception) 

Once you have collected your Referral form, Medical clearance or if you answered No to all questions above, you may move on to step 3.. 


Step 3 - Booking one-on-one assessment

Contact us to book in for your start up one-on-one assessment 
Book over the phone - 8391 0222
Book at reception - Adelaide Hills Recreation Centre, 2 Howards Lane, Mount Barker 5251.

What to expect in the session?
You will meet with one of our Strength for Life certified Personal Trainers
Together you will work through your forms and discuss and goals, restrictions or past injuries.

Then you will head into the gym space and work through a program designed specifically around you!
You will work step by step to learn the exercises and we will ensure correct posture and movement patterns. 

You will then receive a copy of the program to take into the Strength For Life Sessions. 
Please note this is a once off fee of $30

Step 4 - Enjoy the benefits of Strength for Life

You are ready for Strength For Life!!

Double check our Group Fitness TImetable for session times.
Group Fitness Timetable

We encourage participants to arrive 5-minutes before the sessions start time. For safety of participants we do not allow late entries to class as the warm up is a very important part of exercise. 

For casual entry to the Strength For Life sessions it is $9 per class. Full Access memberships include Strength for Life sessions.

Strength For Life FAQ Expand all

I have a chronic health condition. Can I still participate in a program?

Strength training can have significant health and lifestyle benefits. There is a focus on exercises that are functional and produce improvements to lifestyle — and everyone has their own individual program. Current research shows that most chronic conditions can be improved or maintained with a progressive resistance program.

I have been unwell or injured, can I return to class?

Before returning to class we require to see a RETURN TO CLASS - CLEARANCE FORM.
This form is avalible from the SFL Quick links or at reception.

The for is required to be filled out by your Health Professional.

The form assists our session Instructors to ensure a safe return to excersise. 

What is the cost of attending?

For participants that are paying casually the Assessment $30 and is a once off payment, then the cost is $8 per session. 

AHRC has a number of memberships that include Strength for Life classes aswell as other Older Adult sessions. for current membership options contact us over the phone or onsite and our friendly staff can help you select the best option for you. 

Will somebody show me how to perform the exercises?

All new clients have a one-on-one assessment with a qualified Strength for Life instructor or exercise physiologist, a program is developed and the client is taken through the program. At each subsequent session there is a dedicated SFL instructor overseeing the SFL clients.

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